Grill Art

Meticulously designed concepts on metals create objects of exclusive artistry and offers maximum utility for building applications, adorn-rooms, corridors, passages, staircases, etc. The charisma and opulence exhumed in the final summation of the products, lures the on-looker to essential possession. Every engineered piece captures the beauty of God's Creation.

Perfection in Designs

Our products are a unique summation of our diligence and talent. The conceptualized designs are carefully studied. Then imaginative concepts are employed in matching member-components and making the joints, so much precisely and incredibly that the assemblage looks devoid of discrete components, delectable and single-piece appearance. Hence, the products through their exclusive designs, add a touch of class and characterizes majestic feel.

Unique Designs

At GRILL ART, we manufacture decorative items with combination metals of Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Iron, etc. We have a flair to develop peculiar designs and possess an ability to produce quality product for every characteristic home.

Finest Craftsmen

Our endeavour is to revoke the ancient storehouse of talent, therefore, we have taken special care in selecting craftsmen. Our artisans have inherited an age-old hierarchical legacy. They lend their exclusive talent and we blend it with our contemporary engineering facilities, to create products that are sturdy as well as exhume elegance and charisma.

Metal Handicrafts

Our aim is to ensure maximum satisfaction for our clients, by designing and constructing exclusive products with maximum strength and longevity